Our Programs and Services

Challenge members can access a range of programs to support children and families living with cancer, completely free of charge.

Throughout the year, Challenge organises a variety of planned events and activities our families can enjoy. Whether it is a day by the water or a trip to the aquarium, we help bring families together in safe and friendly settings.

Challenge offers a variety of therapy-based programs including art, massage and music therapy. Each respective program is led by a fully qualified professional.

Challenge camps are a fun way for kids to expand their horizons by building new skills and forming new friendships. Our camps are tailored to each age group and siblings are welcome to attend all our camps.

The Challenge Family Centre is located at 529-535 King Street, West Melbourne, and is a five minute drive from the Royal Children’s Hospital. At the Centre, children and their families can access a wide range of non-medical support services in a safe and open environment.

Free holiday accommodation is available to Challenge families in a variety of locations in Victoria and Australia. This is a great way for families to spend quality time with each other, while also enjoying a break from the clinical routine of life with cancer.

Life in the hospital is certainly no easy task. Being poked and prodded or spending extended periods of time away from home is hard on anyone, let alone a child. Challenge tries to make life a little brighter for families in hospital through our Hospital Support Program.

Challenge understands that the whole family is shaken by the diagnosis of cancer. For parents, it can be difficult to manage employment and the home, the welfare of the sick child, the needs of other children, while still trying to keep some normality in their own family’s life. We have a range of programs available to parents to provide relaxation and time out, support or to connect with the Challenge community.

Every Wednesday, the Challenge Family Centre opens its doors to its members aged between 2-5 years for playgroup. Our playgroup sessions are hosted by a fully qualified early childhood development teacher.

Challenge offers a variety of scholarships and trusts, which allow our members to pursue their interests and reach their goals. Scholarships are available for primary, secondary and tertiary students.